college visit

I went to Iowa Lakes community college. On my college trip I had a lot of the food that the cooks make, the food was really good!!! The food that I ate was a fruit pizza. The fruit pizza was made with a cookie, and some fruit. The fruit pizza was very good. The cooks are very good cooks. One thing that surprised me was that there were many places to work on many things to do out at the college. The college is very big. I would like to go to Iowa Lake college because they have many classes that will help me with many things. Some things that I saw on my tour was that there were many students in class. Another thing is I got to go to a room with a whole bunch of science stuff in it, one science thing was made from water and some kind of oil, and it was a green color. The college is very big and has many classes and it is very iteresting. The college had classes that you could take care of little kids, and some older kids. There is 40 programs and certificates at the college.

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What I did over spring break

One thing I did over spring break was sleep in every day until noon. Another thing I did over break was a lot of chores, doing all those chores made me tired and I slept even more. Another thing that happened over break was my grandma was very sick, she was in the hospital all week during spring break. When my grandma was in the hospital it was very scary. It was very scary because her oxygen in her blood kept going up and down, my grandma really scared my family. I stayed with my grandma every night she was there, she got better every day and night. My grandma came home last night. I was so happy to see her finally home, my family also was very glad that she is finally home. One thing I think is that I am my grandmas favorite, but she never says that I am her favorite of all the grand kids. All the grand kids were very happy to see that my grandma was finally home. My grandma is very sweet, can be a mean grandma sometimes, but I always cheer her up. My grandma is still a little sick but she is still the same grandma like iv’e always had. Image result for grandma in the hospital

Week 10

I have wrote 4 posts. All 4 of them were set by the challenge. I have only wrote like 2 or 3 comments. I don’t think that I had that many comments. One of the posts I enjoyed writing the most was the person that inspired me, the person that inspires me the most is my grandma. No, because I don’t really know how. I have 4 widgets, no that is not very many. I have very few of the oversea students. I used a site on google and I can’t remember what it is called.


I am writing about animals. When ever i go out side i hear animals. The kind of animals i see when i go out side is rabbits, squirrels, stay cats, stray dogs. When i go to a farm i see baby chicks, cows, sheep, horses, roosters, lamb, goats. When I go out to my step mom’s farm i see all these animals. I actually have 3 animals of my own. I have 2 cats, one is all white and his name is Casper and a siamese cat named Carmella. I also have a hamster named Gizmo. My grandma has a shih tzu named Buster. When I go to the zoo i see lions, tigers, alligators, crocodiles, zebras, elephants, and monkeys.When I look in a river I see frogs and toads. When ever I go outside in the summer or spring I see butter flies, humming birds, turtals, headghawgs.

Action Day Post

One person that inspires me is my grandma because she is a really good grandmother and is very helpful. I love to help my grandma babysit all of her grand kids. I love to help her bake cookies and all kinds of cakes. My grandma is so sweet just like a lolly pop or a big giant cake. My grandma has a lot of grand kids. I think i might be her favorite grand child. I am the oldest out of all of my grandmas grand kids. My grandma can very funny almost all the time. Whenever she would go to the store she would let me be in charge while she was gone. She always tells me to set a better example for all the other grand kids. She will always be in my heart because she will always be my grandma.

Raise Your Voice

It is important to help kids with cancer in need. These children can die from cancer if they are not treated well. All the kids with cancer should deserve to live longer than normal people. Little kids don’t deserve to have cancer they should just live the life of a normal person. The kids that have cancer should not have to suffer thru all the treatments.  These kids with cancer should not have all the broken bones.

I would like to donate $300 for each child that has cancer. I would want to take all their cancer and throw it away for good. I would also like for my whole school to write each kid that has cancer a card to make them feel better. I would also like to donate some board games to the hospital for the kids that have cancer. I would also like to set up a lemonade stand and collect money for the hospital. Each year, nearly 100,000 children die from cancer world wide. That is nearly 250 children each day. I would like to have my whole school to raise 30 dollars each and donate it to the children´s hospital. About 80% of childhood cancers potentially curable treatments. I feel really sorry for all the children that have the cancer in the world.